"We’re not a skin care company playing in the technology space, we’re a technology company that’s pioneering skin care"

Our Values

Simple - Complex technology delivered with humility & honesty.
Proven - Premium technology proven by reliable research.
Technology - Socialising technology concepts from diverse applications.

Our Founders

amp. was founded by Will Knox and Jeff Reid – an Australian tech duo who are well renowned developers of wearable medical devices and regenerative medical therapies. Just like their medical projects, amp. was created on a platform of science, innovation and results.

Our Philosophy

Many aspects of our lives are now being optimised and powered by technology - and now with amp. – so is our skin care. Our aim is to help make a difference to as many people as possible by bringing the world of medical technology to the global consumer market.

Born in Europe

When Will and Jeff were developing a novel wearable thermometer for children with fever, they discovered the difference that flexible battery technology can make.

Through one of their battery developers in Finland, they discovered that their microbatteries can be integrated into wearable patches to amplify the effect of skin care serums via a process called iontophoresis (a physical process that has been described as an injection without a needle).

In conjunction with MartiDerm, one of Europe’s leading cosmetics innovators, the amp. serum and patch platform was born.