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Skincare Technology

Our skin care technology is designed to make you feel amazing. Fresh, hydrated skin creates a sense of confidence that can only come from within – and amp. helps you unlock that confidence.

But what if we could unlock something bigger? What if skin care could help us create real meaningful change that could help unlock the confidence of countless others?As self-confessed science nerds, Jeff and Will have always been intrigued by the theory of compounding – compounding in investing, mathematical equations and even health as it relates to lifespan (there's a reason that Einstein called compounding the eighth wonder of the world). So, it’s through compounding that we want to use our skin care brand to create a powerful, connected community that is actively supporting a vision to make a difference.So we are establishing a powerful network of like-minded brands & individuals that we collaborate with to help donate 5% of our total sales to a range of charities, associations and institutes who are all unlocking something unique. A network we’re calling our ampbassadors.

Our ampbassadors help us spread the word about amp. & our initiatives via content on various platforms. Each ampbassador identifies a charity or group of their choice, then we allocate a unique code to that charity for them to use when creating amp. content. When their audience use that code when they shop for amp. on our site we donate 5% of every order to that very charity. We don’t limit the groups or charities we donate to so we can create as much change around the globe as possible. The more ampbassadors – the more charities. The more people using amp. to unlock their confidence, the more we can unlock for others.
Get in touch with us if you want to be part of our exciting community.